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Departures _imploder_8700x12000_00043_rp-4251 (Run to the Hills) _imploder_8700x12000_00045_rp-4180 _imploder_8700x12000_00050_rp-3678 _imploder_8700x12000_00053_rp-3457 (The Wizard) _imploder_8700x12000_00055_rp-3316 (Melissa & Kelly Green) _imploder_8700x12000_00058_rp-3077 _imploder_8700x12000_00071_rp-2340 _imploder_8700x12000_00074_rp-2199 (Crack) _imploder_8700x12000_00079_rp-1983 (Happy Birthday) _imploder_8700x12000_00084_rp-1682 (Ears to the Ground) _imploder_8700x12000_00089_rp-1416 (Rock) _imploder_8700x12000_00092_rp-1277 _imploder_8700x12000_00094_rp-1082, _imploder_8700x12000_00096_rp-995, _imploder_8700x12000_00098_rp-924_ (Winter is Coming, A Protestant's Warning ) _imploder_8700x12000_00103_rp-765 _imploder_8700x12000_00112_rp-556 (Just Pepperon') _imploder_8700x12000_00118_rp-459 (Intellincide) _imploder_8700x12000_00128_rp-309 (ZORG) _imploder_8700x12000_00252_rp-5 (Fatal Error) IDEAS ARE EXECUTIONS _arbitrary_6000x6000_00047,_arbitrary_6000x6000_00048 _richter_95dpi-copy_11970x7524_5 _can_1_4200x5600_16 doorformsbitman_6000x6000_323 (23)  _looping_LG_BB_8000x12000_103 _247Spyz_6000x6000_143 _Linein_1_4200x5600_20 A Feel of Thinking A FEEL OF THINKING Making Time, Travel Slow Gabe Farrar + Siebren Versteeg _fountain_2_9000x12000_23 _fountain_2_9000x12000_51 _fountain_2_9000x12000_7 spaceex2_12000x16000_3 Daily Times (performer) Flat Screens goodtimes_1092_x1_y1_2006_11_15 goodtimes_1099_2002_03_15 goodtimes_1111_2005_04_04 Today's Paper Untitled Down Ideas Are Executions I Ideas Are Executions II Looks Like Thinking Paradox Not Hypocrite The Three Lights What is no? Inaction masterblaster_14 masterblaster_8 God Made The Earth In Small Circles HOLYSTONE_312 MAY29_airbrusher_9999x12000_87 MAY29_strawberry_big_black_9000x12000_19 Clown_853 Clown_854 Clown_855 Soft Apocalypse White Light (horizontal) White Light (vertical) White Flag In Light; Of Everything (no. 1-7) The Wall Triptych Prop Diptych Heaven and Hell Whole Earth New York Windows Zero Is The Center Flag Inevitable 32 Particle Board (horizontal) The Negative Shadow of a Fake Fire Press Enter to Exit If My Heart is Narrow, What is the Good of the World Being So Wide? Own Nothing, Have Everything Red Dragon Superhighway Untitled Painting I Your Boss Naked Sponge Looking At The Stars From Inside The City Hungry Ghost no.1 President's Choice Untitled Film IV The One You're With nothing Was BOOM (Fresher Acconci) RGB Dragon The Gap The Higher We Climb, the Further We See (From) - variation #1 Something For Everyone 100 Years of Google Images Shuffle Time Waits For No One As the World Turns DeathStar Untitled Film III Not Dynamic Ribbon Device determination Flash(flash) Enjoying Uncertainty Robot Drowning in Nanobots When Right is Left Neither There Nor There Nearly Half, Undecided, Balanced, Perfect, Dead Decade (after Robert Morris) random(35)<br>random(random(35))<br>random(random(random(35)))<br>random(random(random(random(35)))) University Galleries presents: Siebren Versteeg Long Division Suicidal Dazed and Confused Vietnam Memorial (after Oldenberg) Life w/Dell, War w/Sony Videotaping Everything I See Independence Day Where's Waldo Untitled Film I Independence Day Being Here History CC Dynamic Ribbon Device Emergency Affirmations Rocket Home Office Associated Press Solitaire Junkyard LensCrafter Delf Uroboros Explosions Untitled (Birds) I.M. Inauguration First Chicago Retire 18 and Life Line Pop-Bot Sci-Fi Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board SoftBall Rated R Sensory Deprivation Tank Projector Washington Roll Books on Tape I-Robot Televise Untitled (cup)